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Project Budget, Interim Operating Budget Approved

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Mountain View County Council completed two important pieces of business before the holiday break.

Council approved both the 2018 Project Budget, and the Interim Operating Budget at its regular Council meeting on December 13th, the final regular Council meeting of 2017.

The 2018 Project Budget has a total value of $29. 2 million, comprised of approximately $26.1 million in capital projects, approximately $2.2 million in operating projects, and $842,000 of liability expense.

Most of the funding for the 2018 Project Budget will come from reserves and grants ($15,461,420 and $11,070,000 respectively), with the remainder coming from a combination of general revenue, cash in lieu and unfunded liability pit reclamation.

Projects of interest for 2018 include the Range Road 52 bridge and road construction near the Water Valley Campground ($3.3 million), and the Range Roads 55 & 60 protection project in the McDougal Flats area southwest of the Town of Sundre ($2.75 million). These projects will be funded respectively by Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) and Flood Recovery Erosion Control Program (FREC) grants.

Range Road 55 will also see a $1.5 million upgrade to a minor collector road standard just to the north of the work noted above from the airport entrance to the intersection of Highway 584.

Other projects worth noting include:

  • $3.02 million for a paving overlay on the the Acme Road
  • $3.17 million for the Equipment Replacement Plan
  • $2 million for the annual re-gravel program
  • $1.7 million for the annual re-chipping program
  • $950,000 for the East Side Shop project (located just off Hwy 582 near the county’s east boundary (see above photo))
  • $920,000 for East Didsbury Subdivision improvements
  • $894,000 for the transfer of Fire Equipment Grants to urban partners
  • $820,000 for Bergen Road repairs
  • $800,000 for Gravel Pit Reclamation
  • $700,000 for East Side Gravel Supply
  • $430,000 for Cremona Fire Capital
  • $250,000 for Cremona Ag Society Arena renovations

One other item of note is Council did approve including $170,000 for an enhanced police position in the County, but will further review if and how the project will proceed early in the new year.

Council annually approves the Project Budget before the turn of the year to facilitate project tendering and planning. It is also worth noting that replenishment of reserve funds is handled under the Annual Operating Budget which will be finalized in April 2018 after the province finalizes the 2018 school requisitions which are collected by municipalities.

The Interim Operating Budget approved by Council allows the County to continue with its day to day operations until the new operating budget is approved. The interim budget is approved based on the 2017 Operating Budget.

To view the 2018 Project Budget please visit our Budget Home Page.


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POSTED : 2017 December 19th

Mountain View County Council completed two important pieces of...